Will this project ever be Open Source?

No, for now it is close but there will be a RTG-card (Zorro II, 2MB) released as public so you can order PCB/parts yourself

Can I order an assembled Amy-ITX?

No, but there are several people on Amiga forums/Facebook that might be able to hep for a reasonable amount.

How long does it take to solder an Amy-ITX?

It depends on how skilled you are at soldering and if what methd yuo are using. With oven it is faster, soldering component by component with solder iron is time consuming.

Expect around 8-12 hours to go from bare PCB to fully soldered.


Does the ChipMemory module fit a regular A500/A500+?

No, it does only fit the Amy-ITX.

Where do I get all the custom chipset?s

Amybay, eBay or donor cards is the most common way. They are sadly not manufactured any more.

Can you use a 27C800 ROM and make a Dual ROM?

Yes, this is possible. See the upcoming guide on how to make one.

Is the RGB-port a standard DSub 15 HD VGA connector?

No, it is a DSub 2-row connector. Please see the documentation for exact pinout.